Analytic Report

Generating over 1000 new top-level domains has brought the biggest revolution in the internet world; whereas, there are many new opportunities, there are also a variety of risks.

Our analytic insight report helps you to protect your brand name, trademark and safeguard your company reputation.

Our experts conduct an insight study of your business nature and product category in order to recommend potential new gTLD that will impact your company. The report will also classify strings and generic terms to maximize your online presence opportunities and reduce influence risks.

Trademark Protection

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMC or TMCH) is a database of trademarks established by ICANN in order to enhance the worldwide protection of intellectual property on the Internet.

All information of registered trademark owners is stored at a central source in order to restrict any unauthorized registration during the Sunrise period or, at a maximum of 120 days from the date of registry launch.

Major Risks

  • Approximately 90% of trademark registrations are limited for certain class and region; therefore, similar names are usually registered by more than one owner either in different regions or for different classes.
  • If trademark owner slip initial 120 days after launch of registry, there are maximized risks that your competitor or domain invertors or broker reserved similar domain names especially if registrant has targeted related business category top level domain extension.


Our Services

  • We will monitor and alert you if any registrant attempts to register your brand name
  • Prepare and summit your documents in TMCH to prevent unauthorized registration

Our team will frequently track with TMCH every time a domain name is registered to ensure that the brand name or trademark does not attempt to infringe or fall in cybersquatting