The most often counterfeited elements of a brand name are a domain or URL. We understand how important brand reputation is for any company. However, many companies do not understand the value of their brand and, as a result, tend to ignore the effects of unprotected brands. We provide assessment services for our customers to reveal the true value of their brands for awareness creation.

Through PPC and keywords to divert traffic and increase marketing costs, counterfeiting has become a common violation as internet and gray market sales illegally divert traffic by using your registered trade name. We monitor globally unauthorized domains especially through Google, Yahoo and Bing systems that can harm your online existence and force them to shut down.

We also monitor new registrations for possible infringements in contradiction of your brand name or company trademark. Utilizing the most advanced tailored and robust tools, we engage in intense monitoring of any typo squatting that matches your brand name. This process enables you to categorize and prioritize based on domain and website category, activities, geographical and registrant information.

  • Our tailored tools are designed to monitor abusing threats that exact matches, variations and misspellings of your brand names.
  • We have experienced many brand names associated through social media that have been affected due owner inattention. Our services keep you alert on the following:
    • Potential misspellings of your brand name
    • Your slogan or tagline (and variations) as used by competitors
    • Variations of your brand name
    • Response from social media following on your campaigns
    • Traffic diversion to competitor websites
    • Unauthorized use of your brand name or logo
    • Potential threats

We also register and renew domain names in maximum available gTLD and ccTlD extensions. Furthermore, we offer brand protection strategy assistance to help you get the right domains and build a more controlling and protected web presence.

Our experts offer:

  • Registration, management, monitoring, and protection of domain names
  • Brand protection roadmap
  • Recover your IP and take down cyber squatters in conjunction with your legal provider
  • Monitor and update from social media articles, blogs, tweet and threats
  • Provide guidance and assistance from phishing scams
  • Conduct defensive registrations and active acquisitions of brand-related domains
  • Protect your brands from unauthorized usage in mobile applications

The regularity of your brand’s monitoring is based on need whether it is daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Our price package is adaptable to your needs and budget.