Data Verification is a process where data is checked for accurateness and discrepancies. It is an acute course that emphases the importance of your customer data quality. Marketing experts estimate that more than 2% of records of consumer database become obsolete each month due to deaths, divorce, marriage or moving.

The quality data directly impacts your business performance and delivers the following benefits:

  • Produce better results in a targeted marketing campaign
  • Reduce campaign cost
  • Improve ROI

Save sales team efforts, time and resources

Email Verification

Our team will verify your data and ensure that you are not faced with bad sender reputation and that your message is delivered to your customers without bouncing back. As we all know, a high bouncing rate can block your IP address and hurt your company standing. This risk can be avoided by simply verifying and cleansing email addresses before you contact them.

Our proven email verification solutions increase deliverability, protect your sender reputation, and improve email marketing performance.

Address Validation

Approximately 40 million Americans change their address every year. We make sure your prospective customer addresses are still valid in regards to the provided postal codes in relation to city, state and country.

Our experts can geocode your address book, allowing you to effectively manage targeted marketing campaigns by geographical selection.

Telephone Number Authentication

We understand that invalid numbers drag your results down with lost time and unnecessary costs; therefore, our team will verify your customer telephone numbers and ensure if these numbers are working and available. Our reports also provide a separate listing of cell phones and landlines in order to manage appropriate marketing strategies and campaigns.